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Moving from Sage Job Costing to Eque2 Construct

February 18, 2022

At the end of September 2021, Sage Job Costing support expired, meaning users could no longer contact the support team at Sage for any technical enquiries, software/bug fixes or data corruption. Since then, to avoid the risks associated with using a product that is no longer stable, many companies have approached Eque2 seeking a replacement for Sage Job Costing.

Companies have discovered that Eque2’s Construct for Sage Accounts is the perfect replacement for Sage Job Costing – the software offers an industry-specific job costing solution that integrates with Sage Accounts, to help manage construction projects more efficiently to increase margins, reduce risk, save time and support business growth.

Read below to find out why a wide variety of companies every month are moving to Eque2’s construction-specific software.

Floor & Wall LTD

Floor & Wall Limited operate throughout the U.K from their base in Scunthorpe. They offer a wide range of services from multi-storey and basement car park coatings, industrial screed and resin as well as structural waterproofing.

In the past, Floor & Wall LTD (F & W) were using Sage 50 supported by Sage Job Costing and Excel. These separate processes caused significant issues on a daily basis due to bottlenecks in workflow, duplications, and always posed the risk of applications being missed. F & W needed a system that provided total visibility across their past and present projects as visibility on variations was crucial.

After discovering Eque2, a demo was shortly arranged. During the demo, F & W saw how Construct Cloud can track plant, manage subcontractors and is cloud-based, meaning it can be accessed anywhere at any time. They also saw the numerous reports Construct Cloud had to offer, including contract variations, retentions and WIP reports.

After the demo, Floor and Wall LTD Purchased Construct Cloud, alongside the Invoice Capture Module and the Good Received Notes App.

Pearl Services U.K. Limited

Pearl Services U.K. Limited (PEC), is a national provider of contracting, manufacturing and shopfitting services. Based out of Bradford, PEC provides a huge array of services including fit-out and refurbishment, site joinery, electrical design and installation, plumbing, decorating, project management and more.

Before Eque2, PEC were using Sage Job Costing alongside Excel Spreadsheets to manage their day to day processes. However, with the lack of support and with Excel spreadsheets prone to error, they entered the market to find a replacement for Sage Job Costing as well as software that could accurately track and manage their applications and retentions.

Through some research, PEC discovered Eque2’s Construct for Sage Accounts and a demo was arranged. During the demo, they saw how Construct for Sage has the ability to perform everything that Sage Job Costing can do and more, with advanced functionality including; customised Excel reporting to see the real-time performance of their contracts and detailed management of applications, retentions and valuations to ensure they bill for the right amount at the right time.

After the demo, PEC purchased Construct for Sage Accounts.

With Sage Job Costing support now expired, contractors are making the decision daily to switch to Eque2’s Construct for Sage to avoid the risks associated with using an unsupported product.

To find out more about Construct for Sage and how it can benefit your business, click here.

Alternatively, you can register here for one of our many free, online webinars and have your burning questions answered live.

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