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Persimmon Homes (South West Wales) Limited select EValuate Estimating Software to Simplify Processes within its Groundworks Department

March 13, 2017

Persimmon is one of the UK’s leading house builders with 29 regional offices. The south west Wales regional office has selected EValuate estimating software from Eque2 to streamline and simplify processes for the groundworks team.

The south-west team at Persimmon were facing a situation familiar to many UK construction companies whereby complex Excel spreadsheets, which had been created in the business and developed over time to manage estimating processes, were beginning to cause inefficiencies. As in many case these spreadsheets are workable to a point, but they do begin to fall over and take too much time to complete as requirements change, and therefore start slowing down the production of estimates and valuations.

The team were therefore looking for a standardised/simplified estimating software package for tendering and budget formation that could access a defined library for materials, labour and plant. The desire was to make life as simple as possible for the groundwork’s department, which worked alongside existing software packages as appropriate. Initial estimates needed to be accurate with the ability to modify them over the life of the site to reflect labour and material increases.

Eque2 are delighted to announce that Persimmon Homes (South West Wales) Limited selected their EValuate estimating and tendering software solution which will speed up the time it takes to produce a bill and in turn allow them to make other areas of the business more productive. With a heritage of over 30 years, EValuate (formerly CIT) and Eque2 provide Persimmon with a future-proofed solution which will remove reliance on Excel and adapt to future requirements.

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