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Read why over 300 contractors and construction companies have moved to Eque2’s Construct for Sage job costing and EValuate estimating software in the last 12 months.

April 28, 2021

In this article, we discover why 300 contractors and construction companies over the last 12 months have decided Construct for Sage Accounts and EValuate is the best fit for their needs.


CPFP are providers of high-quality, passive fire protection based out of Bristol. The products and services they provide prevent the transfer of smoke, fire and heat through walls, ceilings and floors.

Before finding EValuate, CPFP were using spreadsheets. However, due to their rapid growth, the volume of tenders was increasing exponentially. Therefore, tracking all their existing projects, keeping spreadsheets error-free, and creating estimates for new projects became an overwhelmingly large task. 

After a demonstration of EValuate, CPFP saw how it can drastically reduce time spent on individual estimations, produce accurate tenders and improve productivity. Furthermore, they saw how the solution actively reduces risks of error whilst increasing efficiency across the entire process.

With all the clear benefits, CPFP adopted EValuate. Now, they can build estimates with much greater speed and precision, whilst minimising the risk of data duplication and error.

Mida Civil Engineering

Mida Civil Engineering are leaders in delivering quality civil engineering solutions. Located in Ampthill in Bedford, they provide civil engineering work alongside excavation, enabling work and groundworks. 

Prior to Eque2, Mida were using Sage alongside manual spreadsheets. However, one key factor which drove them to seek a new solution was the procurement process. Alongside this, they wanted greater reporting capabilities (including live reporting), to capture plant status more effectively and reduce the risk of human error.

Through an online demonstration, Mida Civil Engineering saw how Construct for Sage Accounts can link to their existing data, and minimise the risks of human error. 

They found that, with Construct, they could create large job costing reports quickly whilst viewing the current status of all ongoing projects in real-time.

Finally, after viewing the Construct Mobile Delivery Notes app and the Invoice Recognition Module, they could manage all their existing processes in a more efficient and accurate way.

With the ability to track plant hire to a granular level, produce live reports and produce large job costing reports, Mida chose Construct for Sage Accounts.

To find out more about Eque2’s Construction Estimating Software and how it can benefit you, get in touch with a member of the team for a free online demonstration. Alternatively, you can see how the solution can benefit you first hand by attending one of our free, online webinars.

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