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Why are renovation contractors implementing Construct alongside EValuate from Eque2?

January 22, 2018

Eque2 are pleased to announce renovation contractors: Stone Edge Ltd and Woodmans Construction Ltd. Find out why they chose Eque2’s construction-specific accounting and estimating software.

Eque2 provide both construction-specific accounting and estimating software that integrates seamlessly with Sage Accounts. Construct is a popular solution for small and medium sized business which allows for Subcontractor management, accurate client billing and automatically pulls together information from multiple data sources, to provide a single version of the truth of the performance of your contracts. Combined with EValuate, which allows you to create and track your estimates with ease, from pre-to post contract, Construct allows you to destroy silos and join up your accounts, estimating and commercial teams all in one easy to use, familiar system alongside Sage Accounts.

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