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Robertson Homes Implement Eque2’s ERP Solution EVision To Manage Business Processes

September 18, 2017

Robertson Homes, a high-quality housebuilding company operating across Scotland and the North East of England, has recently adopted Eque2’s construction accounting software, EVision to streamline their business processes and integrate with current solutions.

Robertson Homes had already been using all modules of Eque2’s Housebuilding software for several years to successfully manage all their house building activities, but their current construction accounting solution did not integrate with this. This resulted in duplication of processes and silos of data. It was decided that the business should move to Eque2’s EVision solution which is the only construction accounting software that provides full integration with Housebuilding providing complete visibility of projects.

Elaine Connelly, Systems Manager at Robertson Homes commented: ‘With integration between Housebuilding and EVision being a key driver for us to move from our current system, we are looking forward to gaining greater efficiencies by removing the need to duplicate processes.’

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