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June 7, 2011

Sage Construction used its 2011 Customer Summits to show customers how they can get more from their software, while also tackling important issues facing the industry today.

The events, which were split north and south, were held in Sage’s own offices and included individual product workshops and keynote speeches from industry experts and senior Sage management.

For each Sage Construction software system, there were product workshops that updated customers on research and development. The workshops also showcased the benefits of using third party products alongside or integrated with existing software. Such products include Sage Workflow and Sage Project Document Management.

In addition to these product-focussed sessions, a number of top quality industry speakers were invited to discuss important issues facing the industry. Nick Edwards of Construction News, Alistair McLeod of Waterstons Consultants and Derek Rees of Constructing Excellence covered topics such as economic outlook, how construction companies can collaborate more effectively through the implementation of new technologies, and how social media and Web 2.0 tools could help move the industry into the age of information.

The mixture of keynote speeches and product-driven sessions was well received by all who attended with half of Sage Construction’s customers saying the event was ?very good? and a further 15% rating it as ?excellent?.

“Very interesting and thought provoking. Good to have a mixture of topics and not just product related.” Steve McNally, Financial Director, JPCS Ltd.

“The demo’s and talks about how to improve what I get from my existing Sage Construction software was of massive value to me. New innovative add-on products were shown that will help ISG make its project- and finance-based teams work much more efficiently? an excellent day not to be missed by customers who seek to get the most out of their software system.” Ralph Earey, Head of IT, ISG plc.

Wes Simmons, General Manager of Sage Construction said “The aim of our Customer Summits this year was to provide added value. We did this by showing customers how they could maximise the return on their investment in our software, and what they could expect from future development. In addition to this we showcased new software such as Sage Workflow and Sage Document Distribution, which was a particular hit with those that attended.”

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