In this article, we look at the reasons as to why more and more contractors are switching their manual processes over to modern job costing software, and why it takes no more than a week to recognise the importance of modern technology within your business. Read below and consider if any of these challenges could be holding back the success of your business.

Electrical Power Specialists Limited (EPS) are a specialist services provider offering design, coordination and commissioning of building services. Sandy Lane Projects (Sandy Lane) are Developers and Principal Contractors specialising in the new build residential market with over 40 years of project management experience.


Prior to selecting Construct for Sage 50, both Sandy Lane and EPS managed their entire job costing processes using manual spreadsheets alongside their existing accounts solution, Sage Accounts.

EPS struggled with issues stemming from reconciling data into Sage Accounts and required a system that could automatically transfer this data into final accounts. The business also had a heavy reliance on spreadsheets and begun relying on collating spreadsheets together for reporting, which took up a great deal of time and ultimately led the business to review how it could streamline its processes.

Sandy Lane’s main challenge was the lack of intelligence the business had on its job ordering and costing, and not being able to view elements of a project at a deeper analysis level. As a growing business Sandy Lane wished to make business decisions far quicker than it was able to, which led to a complete system review.

With both businesses seeking a centralised ordering system for better control on cost management and for better reporting, they called in Eque2 to demo its Construct for Sage job costing solution, and both quickly recognised how the popular solution developed alongside Sage would solve the challenges each business was facing and help to streamline other processes, which were not as difficult to manage, but would be based on current growth.


EPS and Sandy Lane both selected Construct independently within a week of being demoed and will now look to streamline their processes into one integrated solution, providing better cost management, analysis and live project reporting at the click of a button.

Both businesses plan to use Construct to manage hired plant better and for all aspects of client billing, to provide intelligence around what may be owed to the respective businesses.

Accurate reporting was an issue for both businesses, which wanted to be informed to overcharges against what was ordered or delivered, without any shocks when an invoice turns up, making sure the businesses are not going over budget and that they are not being charged more for orders or deliveries.

Sandy Lane will also use Construct to better manage variations and help track the impact of each variation on each individual project, using the built-in CVR report templates.

Other processes such as tracking subcontractors was originally completed using the HMRC website with statements being completed manually, both businesses can now use Construct to manage all aspects of subcontractor management, including CIS verifications, returns and statements.

Eque2 looks forward to working with and supporting both EPS and Sandy Lane Projects. If you would like more information on how Eque2’s construction-specific job costing software could help your business, please get in touch by calling us on 0161 939 0111.