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Find out why Eque2’s EValuate Estimating Solution is the market-leading tool for producing accurate and consistent tenders

May 19, 2021

EValuate Construction Estimating Software

This week at Eque2, we have been looking at the key reasons why EValuate is the front runner for Estimating and Tendering Software across the UK and Ireland.

EValuate combines long-standing industry knowledge and pedigree with modern technology to create a powerful yet easy-to-use estimating system that supports hundreds of contractors of all shapes and sizes across the construction industry.

To find out more about how EValuate is being used by companies similar to yours, continue reading below.

Tilhill Forestry Ltd

Tilhill are UK leaders in forestry, timber harvesting and landscaping. Located out of Stirling in Scotland, they provide a wide variety of exceptional forestry and woodland services.

Before using EValuate, they were handling a significant number of tenders through spreadsheets, which was extremely time consuming and prone to error .Therefore, they required a solution that would help increase efficiency within their business.

The estimator at Tilhill Forestry used EValuate in the past at a previous role. As it was so beneficial to them prior, he got back in touch with us.

After speaking with the Eque2 team, Tilhil decided to move forward with EValuate, after experiencing the benefits of the software in a previous company they were really keen to get EValuate up and running as quickly as possible.

Tilhil Forestry can quickly and easily import their existing Bills of Quantities from spreadsheets into EValuate which will enable them to start managing their tenders effectively straight away and will no longer require complex spreadsheets.

T M T Commercial Contractors Ltd

TMT Commercial Contractors, also known as the TMT Group, are interior fit-out, commercial build and refurbishment specialists. Based in Stockport, just outside of Manchester, TMT provides their services to the highest quality.

Before moving to EValuate Construction Estimating software, the TMT Group were using Excel spreadsheets to manage large quantities of tenders. This became not only a time-consuming task but a risky one too because of the increased risk of human error.

A member of the TMT Group estimating team used Eque2’s EValuate in a prior role and recognised the value of the estimating solution.

Through an online demonstration, they were able to see how EValuate will allow them to manage their estimating and tendering processes effectively, saving them time and also reducing the risk of error across their business.

The business also opted to implement the Subcontractor Enquiry Portal that will allow them to issue enquiries, drawings and revisions via an online subcontractor enquiry portal which will help communication and efficiency when dealing with their subcontractors.

TMT Group will also benefit from the integrated On-screen Takeoff module which will allow them to perform a fast, accurate On-Screen Takeoff from all file types, with enhanced CAD drawing and BIM model functionality available. With live links between the Dim sheet and the Takeoff this will enable amendments and revisions to automatically update the bill.

To find out more about Eque2’s Construction Estimating Software and how it can benefit you, get in touch with a member of the team for a free online demonstration. Alternatively, you can see how the solution can benefit you first-hand by attending one of our free, online webinars.

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