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Why are UK Contractors Recommending Construction Job Costing Software from Eque2?

September 21, 2020

There is no better testament for a product or service than when it is recommended by someone you know and trust. In this article, we will be exploring how two contractors were recommended to take a look at Construct for Sage job costing software from Eque2, when they asked other local contractors and Sage themselves for advice on how to reduce the amount of duplication, manual entry, and their reliance on standalone spreadsheets.

Continue reading as we showcase the stories from two the latest contractors to select Eque2’s Construct for Sage and how using the market-leading job costing software for small to medium contractors will enable them to increase their profit margins.


Protocol Control Systems Ltd

Protocol Control Systems Ltd (PCS) are a mechanical & electrical contractor based in Powwys who specialise in the design, manufacture, and installation of control systems for the process industry. PCS were originally using Sage 50 and Sage Payroll alongside spreadsheets to handle their job costing. With their annual turnover expected to grow from £3.5m to £4.5m in the financial year, they were looking for a new solution that would allow them to handle more projects as they continue to expand their business.

In order for the finance and accounts team to manage more jobs, PCS needed a system that would allow them to create stock and WIP (work in progress) reports without the need to re-key data between their disparate spreadsheet records. PCS also needed more control over their ordering and invoicing and wanted to be able to easily manage variations.

PCS initially considered a project ordering software to replace their Sage Accounts all together, however found this created more issues for them than it solved. After being recommended by another local contractor, the Financial Manager at PCS contacted Eque2 to find out how the Construct for Sage job costing software can plug-in to their Sage Accounts to help them overcome their construction-specific accounting challenges.

Following a free no-obligation demonstration of the job costing software, PCS selected Construct for Sage. PCS recognised how they would benefit by managing applications for payments and running release retention reports whilst managing their time sheets and purchase orders more efficiently using Construct for Sage alongside their Sage Accounts.

PCS also saw how the Construct Mobile Timesheets App could benefit them, offering an easier way to collate their employee’s timesheets. By allowing site managers and employees to enter timesheets for the team whilst on site, using an Android or Apple mobile device which automatically transfers over to Construct for Sage Accounts, PCS will no longer need to chase, collate or manually enter their time sheets again.


M3 Construction Ltd

M3 Construction Ltd (M3) are general construction contractors based in Manchester and are specialists in roofing refurbishments. Operating with an annual turnover of over £6m, M3 were previously using Sage 50 Accounts Professional with disparate spreadsheets to conduct reporting and analysis on their jobs. This left M3 unable to track live costs due to the large amounts of data that had to be duplicated on multiple spreadsheets and then re-keyed into their Sage Accounts.

The Managing Director of M3 realised that their retrospective reporting approach, with cost reporting often coming in up to 3 weeks late, was impacting their ability to prevent unnecessary costs and decided that a new job costing software would be able to provide them with a solution.

After explaining their construction-specific job costing requirements, M3 were referred by Sage to look into Eque2’s job costing software, Construct for Sage, as a solution that would be able to seamlessly integrate with their Sage Accounts. By providing a streamlined, one system for everything, Construct for Sage will enable M3 to track costs and conduct reporting without relying on manual spreadsheets.

Using Construct for Sage, M3 will now be able to conduct Profit and Loss, Costs vs Contract, and WIP reports using live data to prevent any unexpected expenditures before it becomes too late. As M3 were unable to use the CIS module in Sage, they will now be able to replace their spreadsheet for this as Construct will be able to automate the CIS process.

Using the Construct Mobile Delivery Notes App, M3 can record all of their delivery notes and hired plant on-site. By sending this information directly to the accounts team in the office, M3 will be able to prevent any unforeseen costs from occurring on-site.  M3 will also be able to automate the entry of purchase invoices with the Construct Invoice Recognition Module by scanning their purchase invoice documents to automatically match invoice detail lines against their Purchase Orders in Construct for Sage.


Eque2 look forward to working with and supporting all our new customers on their exciting journey. If you would like more information on why Eque2 is the recommended choice for construction-specific Sage job costing software, request a demo today by calling us on 0161 939 0111 or by emailing us at

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