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UK & Irish contractors prepare to get ahead in 2021 with Eque2’s Job Costing Software

December 16, 2020

In this article, we will be exploring how contractors can gain a greater control over their project costs whilst reducing administrative tasks by selecting Construct for Sage, the market-leading construction job costing software.

Continue reading as we detail the stories of a selection of Eque2’s recent new customers to see how Construct for Sage will be supporting their business growth leading into 2021.

Boom Construction Ltd

Boom Construction Ltd (Boom) are general main contractors based in Hertfordshire and have built a long-standing reputation delivering projects in the Residential, Educational, Healthcare and Commercial sectors.

Boom were initially Sage 50 Accounts users, however they required manual spreadsheets to conduct cost control and reporting as Sage did not offer them the construction-specific functionality they required. This highly manual process led to Boom’s accounts team being overwhelmed with administrative tasks and re-keying of data. Managing their subcontractor payments and CIS verifications with HMRC was also a highly time-consuming process for their Quantity Surveyors, leading Boom seeking a new solution that could give them the functionality they required to run at optimal efficiency.

With the Construct for Sage job costing software being able to offer the additional functionality they were seeking, the Accounts Manager at Boom subsequently reached out to our product specialists at Eque2 to arrange a free online demonstration of the software.

After seeing a tailored demonstration of Construct for Sage, the team at Boom recognised how they could put their accounts and commercial teams in one system to efficiently handle their job costing and contract management processes alongside their Sage 50 Accounts.

Having previously conducted all their reports retrospectively due to information being in different spreadsheets, Boom saw how they could create cost reporting forms that are auto-populated from Construct for Sage, enabling them to automatically create reports in Excel.

Boom were also able to see how they could take greater control of their costs by 3-way-matching all their deliveries to ensure they are not being overcharged for materials whilst being able to track retentions in the system to know what’s owed to them.

Having selected Construct for Sage at the end of November, Boom will now be rolling out their new software in January to enable them to reduce admin tasks and increase their margins as their business continues expand in 2021.

Cappagh Contractors Construction Limited

Cappagh Contractors Construction Limited (Cappagh Contractors) are a Civil Engineering contractor based out of London and are one part of the Cappagh Group of companies, providing public works, utilities and enabling works.

Cappagh Contractors were originally using Sage 200 alongside a web-based integration tool for the construction-specific features missing from Sage. Despite using their Sage integration tool for multiple years, Cappagh Contractors decided to look for a better value alternative on the market.

On their search for a new job costing system that could help them track their performance on each contract, Cappagh Contractors approached Eque2 to find out how Construct for Sage could integrate with their Sage 200. During a free online demonstration of the software, Cappagh Contractors were delighted to see how Construct for Sage accounts could exceed the functionality of their previous provider, leading them to select Construct for Sage 200.

Using Construct for Sage alongside their Sage 200 accounts, Cappagh Contractors will now be able to manage everything in one integrated environment including: ordering, capturing labour PAYE, subcontractor timesheets, and reporting the profit and loss on each of their projects.

Bridgewater Homes Ltd

Recently established in January 2020, Bridgewater Homes Ltd (Bridgewater) are a housebuilder and property developer in Cork, the Republic of Ireland.

Bridgewater had been using Sage 50 accounts with manual spreadsheets, however they recognised that they would need to establish a more efficient contract management process in 2021 as they have a substantial pipeline of residential projects. Having used Construct for Sage at a previous employer, a Quantity Surveyor at Bridgewater recommended they enquire into Eque2’s Sage job costing software.

An online demonstration was subsequently arranged for Bridgewater’s managing director and accounts manager to get an overview of the software.  The demonstration, conducted by an Eque2 consultant, enabled Bridgewater to see how they could use Construct for Sage to run reports on house types, plots, and utilise specific housebuilding cost codes. They were also able to see how they could be fully compliant with the RCT subcontractor legislation in Ireland as well as use the system to manage plant, raise purchase orders, and create a filing system for invoices to enable them to go paperless.

Having selected Construct for Sage in November, Bridgewater will be able to begin keeping a greater control over the costs incurred at each stage of their projects by having visibility over how they’re performing against the original budget and what their costs are to complete each project.

Eque2 look forward to working with and supporting all our new customers on their exciting journey. If you would like more information on how Eque2’s construction-specific Sage job costing software could help your business, please get in touch to arrange your free non-obligatory demo by calling us on 0161 939 0111 or by emailing us at

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