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Walls Construction – The Irish Construction Leaders Choose Eque2’s EValuate Estimating Software

December 10, 2021

Walls Construction are an Irish building contractor operating nationally and is today recognised as one of Ireland’s leading construction companies, with a reputation for quality, building excellence and customer service.

Since the 1950’s Walls has worked in an abundance of sectors, including taking on commercial, healthcare, leisure, residential, industrial, fit-out, education and retail contracts.

Before discovering Eque2, Walls were using Redsky’s estimating solution. However, the software was becoming outdated, and Walls became increasingly concerned with its stability and the lack of functionality.

Walls decided to go out to market to see if there was a solution to fit their needs better. They wanted an estimating tool which had:

  •     Stability, meaning the software wouldn’t crash causing losses in reliability when producing complicated tenders.
  •     Accuracy, allowing for Walls to produce accurate tenders and estimates without worrying about discrepancies in the data due to software issues.
  •     Efficiency, giving them time to produce multiple tenders and quickly and easily product a Bills of Quantities.

After extensively reviewing the estimating solutions that are on the software market, they came to Eque2 and organised a demonstration of EValuate Estimating Software. Initially, Walls were impressed by the modern look and feel and the dedicated software development and future roadmap that goes with the product.

Through an online demonstration, they saw how Evaluate can allow them to quickly and easily produce Bills of Quantities manually or populate with content from previous jobs, templates or their own libraries. They could also Import Bills of Quantities from Excel, price them up, then export back into the original Excel format with their rates populated which would save them a significant amount of time.

They also saw how the Subcontractor Enquiry Portal would allow them to package up a BOQ into trades, attach drawings and specifications then submit these enquire to their chosen sub-contractors. This became a huge driver for them as they could have the ability to send enquiries whilst having the ability to track what they have sent so far and who has responded, providing visibility and access to an audit trail.

After the demonstration, Walls Construction were thoroughly impressed and started to use the software, they were able to see how the solution could assist them with their expansion and increased product load – they could see the instant benefits of increased efficiency and accuracy across their projects for both pre and post-contract

Walls also embarked on several training sessions which helped them to ensure they could hit the ground running when rolling the software out across their business. They were extremely impressed with the knowledge and professional approach from the team at Eque2.

Walls Construction LTD purchased Eque2’s EValuate Estimating software, alongside the Pre-Contract Module, Subcontractor Enquiry Port and the Post Contract Module for Evaluate to help their quantity surveyors re-package and re-tender projects once won to enhance margins then manage variations and valuations all the way to final account.

If you would like to see in action how Eque2’s EValuate can improve your estimating processes, click here to register for our up-and-coming webinar.

We understand that every business is different. Therefore, if you’d like to have a tailored demonstration for your company, feel free to reach out to us at to book your free demo.

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