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We went to Space…

May 17, 2023

On May 10th, 2023, we invited customers to join us on an extraordinary journey into Space – hosting our Enterprise user day at the National Space Centre in Leicester. The day focused around helping our EVision and Miracle customers explore the value of moving to the Cloud with Eque2.  

To launch the event Justin Moule, our CEO, emphasised our commitment to investing in our people, internal systems, and ultimately our solutions alongside recognising the importance of ESG in both our business and our clients’ performance. He further explained how our growth as a company and support from stakeholders enables us to better serve our customers and their transition to cloud.  

Steven Ratcliffe, our Chief Product and Technology Officer, discussed how we are continually developing and listening to our customers’ needs, to create products they love to use, and provide value to their businesses daily. He also reminded customers of our commitment to being their best partner by keeping our products at the forefront of construction solutions, providing more services and capabilities to help, and exploring how we can evolve our solutions to achieve their ESG goals.  

We were delighted to be joined by Tom Smith from Microsoft, who shared how cloud ERP applications are adapting to the modern ways of working and how Eque2 as a long-standing Microsoft partner are best placed to support digital transformation in the construction industry. 

We took a dive with Steven King, our Head of Change Management, into addressing the question many companies face when considering incorporating cloud solutions into their processes: Should we upgrade or re-implement? He emphasised the importance of understanding current business systems and processes and evaluating the direction the business is moving to ensure readiness before impact.   

During the event, our customers broke out into two rooms, focusing on two key areas: our cloud construction solution, EVision, and our cloud payroll and human resource solution, Miracle. These sessions demonstrated the benefits and key features of the products and allowed our partners to answer questions from our customers about considerations for moving to the cloud.  

David Hynes, Group Head of ICT at Sureserve Group plc, stated how “the day was worthwhile. It made me think in a slightly different way on our approach to cloud and helped me focus on some upcoming projects with Eque2 partners”.  

We are incredibly proud of our entire team and partners for their hard work and dedication, which made this mission a success with a smooth landing. The view of the cloud from space was breath-taking, and it was an honour to show our customers the cloud from a new perspective. There’s no better place than the National Space Centre in Leicester to discuss the cloud and its potential for transforming businesses.  

… And had a successful landing.   

“Good to see the advantages of switching to the cloud to embrace the benefits of the Microsoft 365 platform.”

Phil Armitage, Alumet Systems (UK) Ltd

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