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Why are Sage 50 users choosing Construct for Sage?

July 8, 2021

Sage 50, one of the most widely used accountancy packages in the UK, has a great reputation among businesses as a reliable tool. However, as a stand-alone tool, its power and detail does not fully match the requirements of construction companies – that’s where we come in.

Over the last two months, Eque2 has welcomed 49 new customers across our range of construction solutions, and in particular we have seen an increase in the number of companies contacting us who like Sage 50, but want to upgrade to a solution that allows them to keep the system they know and trust for their accounts, but streamline the management of industry-specific processes.

Continue reading to find out why these companies have chosen Eque2’s Construct for Sage 50.

Europlan Engineering Services

Europlan Engineering Services LTD is held in high regard in the Commercial, Industrial, Power and Oil & Gas industries. Located in Clonskeagh, Dublin, Europlan having been providing professional services since 1977.

Europlan wanted to upgrade their current software system to unite their commercial, procurement and financial teams into one complete solution. This solution, ideally, would be able to manage the entire lifecycle of a project, from an initial estimate through to a final account.

Before discovering us, Europlan were avid Sage 50 users. As Sage’s preferred partner in the construction industry, Eque2 was quickly identified to be a potentially ideal solution. Therefore, after discovering us, an online demonstration was shortly arranged.

During the demo, Europlan saw how Construct for Sage 50 alongside our EValuate Estimating software work alongside one another to deliver a powerful, intuitive and efficient system that oversees all projects from start to finish.

With the addition of the Delivery Notes app, they saw how they can connect in real-time with their on-site teams and consistently achieve a three-way match between purchase orders raised, the goods which turn up on-site and the invoices they pay.

Using Construct for Sage and EValuate with the addition of the Delivery Notes Mobile App Europlan can now manage all of their processes, from estimating to controlling contract costs, with Eque2.

Bowbridge Homes

Bowbridge Homes are expert housebuilders based out of Northamptonshire. Their attention to detail has earned them a phenomenal reputation for producing high quality, highly detailed, and most importantly, homely houses.

Bowbridge has grown a lot recently and needed a solution to match their new size. As they were already users of Sage 50, they saw how Construct draws from the visual aspects of the accounts package, yet improves on processes such as automating CIS processing, raising cumulative subcontractor certificates against the system and produce live reports.

Now, Bowbridge have adopted Construct for Sage, and can integrate their existing Sage 50 accounts package to produce real-time live reports, remove the manual nature of orders and monitor the approval process of orders to avoid going over budget.

A P Waters Building Contractors LTD

A family run business since 1989, A P Waters Building Contractors LTD have provided building and maintenance services for over 30 years. Based out of Pontypool, just outside of Newport, A P Waters are renowned for the variety and quality of services they provide.

As existing Sage 50 Job Costing users, A P Waters realised with the deadline of support ending for their current package in September, they needed to find the perfect solution, fast. They needed a solution that provided deep, in-depth live reporting alongside cost value reconciliation.

Eque2’s Construct for Sage was recommended to A P Waters. Being held in such high regard, a demo was swiftly arranged. During the demo, they saw how Construct has the ability to track variations in a job, whilst enabling the user to report against them. They also saw the staggering depth of reporting Construct for Sage supports.

A P Waters Building Contractors LTD now have Construct for Sage, enabling them to monitor variations, view true value reflection and manage purchase ordering in detail.

To find out more about Construct for Sage and how it can benefit your business, click here.

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