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Why construction companies are adopting industry-specific software that integrates with Sage Accounts

November 18, 2021

Many companies are using Sage Accounts at the heart of their business, and rightly so. However, with most packages managing general bookkeeping such as cash flow and profit & loss, companies working in the construction industry often find that they are using manual spreadsheets alongside this or separate systems to manage their construction-specific job costing processes.

This means many companies are spending a lot of time manually entering information between systems whilst also increasing the risk of errors across their finances. Therefore, more companies are entering the construction-specific software market to find a solution that integrates with Sage Accounts, allowing them to move away from their manual processes.

As Sage’s business partner in the construction industry, we speak to dozens of businesses every day who encounter the struggles of using manual processes or using software that doesn’t have the right capabilities for their business.

Unlike other software, Eque2’s construction-specific software has:

  •     Seamless integration with Sage, allowing for two-way updates, minimising the risk for duplication and errors.
  •     Automated processes and alerts, allowing for increased efficiencies across the board whilst any cost discrepancies are alerted to you.
  •     Fully cloud-based, meaning you can access your solution, anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Continue reading below to find out why more companies this month have upgraded to Eque2’s Construct for Sage to improve their existing processes.

CR Construction (U.K.) Company LTD

CR Construction (U.K.) Company LTD (CRC UK) is the British arm of the internationally renowned Hong-Kong based construction company CR-Construction. Based out of London, CRC UK specialises in highrise contracting.

Before discovering Eque2, CRC UK were using Sage 200 alongside spreadsheets. This caused efficiency bottlenecks when producing reports, making it difficult to manage approvals for orders alongside subcontractor payments. Therefore, they entered the construction-specific software market to find a system which:

  •     Removed spreadsheets as they found they were prone to error and extremely time-consuming
  •     Has live reporting, allowing for the financial team to produce a wide array of powerful reports instantaneously
  •     Has the ability to manage subcontractors alongside their payments and collate sent/received documents.

Soon after contacting Eque2, an online demonstration was arranged. During the demo they were able to see how Construct for Sage 200 Accounts could benefit their business by allowing them to produce live reports in real-time to see the performance of their projects.

They will also benefit from a Mobile Purchase Order App that can be used by their remote workers to enter purchase orders whilst on the go which are then automatically sent to the back office for approval, improving communication between their departments.

Furthermore, they recognised the value of a seamless two-way integration between Sage 200 and Construct which will provide a greater insight into their business within one fully integrated solution.

After the demo, CRC UK opted for Construct for Sage 200, alongside the Approvals Module, Invoice Capture Module and the Mobile Purchase Order App.

Wright Engineering LTD

Wright Engineering LTD (Wright) is a multi-discipline engineering company based in Worksop, near Sheffield. They have a long history of designing, manufacturing and installing innovative solutions for all purposes including steelwork, conveyor systems, silos, ducting and many more.

Before entering the software market, Wright was using Sage 50 alongside Sage Job Costing and spreadsheets. However, with support for Sage Job Costing having come to an end months ago, and being heavily reliant on excel, they wanted a solution which “can do everything Job Costing can do and more”.

They wanted to have a centralised system as well as live reporting as manual reporting was too resource-heavy. They also wanted to manage purchase orders whilst tracking costs against their budgets and the ability to match invoices to the delivery notes to see if they’re being overcharged by supplies.

After discovering Eque2, an online demonstration was arranged where Wright saw how Eque2’s Construct for Sage Accounts could replace their existing Sage Job Costing solution whilst offering them more advanced functionality that will allow them to track and manage all aspects of their projects.

Construct for Sage Accounts will provide them with detailed, real-time reports to quickly see the performance of their projects.

They also opted to purchase a range of construction-specific mobile apps that they can provide to their remote workers which will improve communication between their departments and remove the need to handle and store manual documents such as; invoices, timesheets and delivery notes.

After the demo, Wright Engineering LTD purchased Construct for Sage 50 alongside the Approvals Module, Invoice Capture Module, Delivery Notes App and the Purchase Order/Timesheets App.

To find out more about Construct for Sage can benefit your business and integrate with your accounts package, click here.

Alternatively, you can register here for a free live online webinar to see Construct for Sage Accounts in action.

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