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Why Construction Companies Are Deploying Mobile Technology On-Site

May 26, 2022

What does the future of the construction industry look like? Self-building buildings? Jet-fueled scaffolding? Maybe even robot workers?

If there’s anything we’ve learnt in the last 27 years of being the leading construction software supplier in the UK, it’s that the industry and its needs are always changing.

If we look back 500 years, the first accounting ledgers were created. If we look back 40 years the first spreadsheets were invented. 

Now, workers spend hours day-in day-out shuffling through stacks of paper documents, managing overwhelming amounts of spreadsheets and rarely speaking to each other across sites and offices.

At Eque2, we supply modern solutions for modern problems, and this month, construction companies have approached us looking for modern methods to aid their growth, maximise their efficiency and connect their office and site workers together.

Our mobile apps (Delivery Notes, Time Sheets and Purchase Orders) have been dubbed the “future” of the construction industry and are already being used by hundreds of companies across the UK to improve their existing processes whilst providing capacity for workers to focus on more important tasks – all the while being in everyone’s pocket.

Continue reading below to learn why this month, construction companies are raring to deploy mobile technology on-site.

Gamma Systems Limited

Established in 1999, Gamma is a leading provider of CCTV Systems and Security Systems within London and the surrounding areas. They provide quality & leading designs, installation and after-sales service whilst remaining competitive within the market.

Before discovering Eque2, Gamma were using Sage 200 alongside Sage Projects and Excel for their job costing processes. They found themselves using over 6 spreadsheets per job, which became time-consuming and led to inaccuracies, causing applications to often take days to produce and submit. 

They wanted more confidence in their data, greater visibility over their retentions held and better reporting across the board. Gamma struggled to have accurate matches between purchase orders raised, the goods which turn up on-site and the invoices they are asked to pay, leading to unexpected fees from late payments and duplication. As a modern company providing state of the art products and services, they needed a modern solution to match.

Entering the market, they discovered Eque2 and a demo was shortly arranged. During the demo, Gamma saw how Construct for Sage 200 completely negates the need for spreadsheets whilst increasing the efficiency of their existing processes exponentially. 

They also saw how Construct significantly improves their job costing by having user-defined and fully editable budget templates with cost codes that allow you to easily set up and track jobs based on real-time progress.

Importantly, they saw how the Construct Mobile Delivery Notes App completely changes their current PO and invoicing process. The mobile app allows anyone with a mobile device to record goods that turn up on-site and have them sent to the back office to be matched against the purchase order, allowing for invoices to be paid on time. This streamlined process allows for accuracy across the different workers removing any chance of duplication as well as ensuring all invoices are paid punctually to avoid late fees, maximising profit margins.

After the demo, Gamma Systems LTD purchased Construct for Sage 200 and the Construct Mobile Delivery Notes App.

Bulb Interiors Limited

Providing superior services since 2006, Bulb is an experienced office fit-out company. Their expertise in consultancy and workplace design/ build produces inspiring results in Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Cambridge, London and across the UK. Whether it be a high-tech laboratory or corporate office space, they pride themselves on providing a professional service that is customised to suit their client.

Bulb were Sage 50 users who wanted a system which streamlined their existing processes:

  • Subcontractor management, ensuring that they met compliance automatically.
  • Have total visibility of committed costs, including what PO’s are raised.
  • Removes spreadsheets as they found they were prone to error and extremely time-consuming.
  • Have live reporting, allowing for the financial team to produce a wide array of powerful reports instantaneously.

Shortly after discovering Eque2, a demo was arranged.

During the demo, Bulb saw how Construct for Sage 50 Accounts would help eliminate the chance of human error as the solution would keep an audit trail of transactions entered and automated warnings.  They also saw how they could report on any aspect of their jobs in real-time, including applications, retentions, work in progress (WIP) and plant hire.

Using the OCR Invoice Recognition module, they saw how they can improve the accuracy of their job costing by automatically matching information from the invoice with the relevant purchase order.

Finally, they saw that with the Approvals Module and Construct Mobile Delivery Notes App, they could automate the approvals process for new or amended documents such as Purchase Invoices, Timesheets and Purchase Orders then match the purchase orders raised, the goods which turn up on-site and the invoices.

After the demo, Bulb purchased Construct for Sage 50, alongside the Invoice Recognition Module, the Approvals Module and the Construct Mobile Delivery Notes App.

If you’re interested in how our Mobile Apps alongside our construction-specific software can benefit your business, click here to watch a short 5-minute video

If you would like to see the Mobile Apps in greater detail, you can click here to register for the next free, online webinar.

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