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Explore why P Colohan & Co selected job costing and estimating software from Eque2

September 19, 2018

Colohan & Co. Ltd is a family run business located in Croydon, London. The business has developed into a multi-disciplined organisation and has steadily grown over the last 40 years to an annual turnover of over £10 million. The business prides itself on building and maintaining relationships with existing clients such as; Linden Homes, Sisk Contractors, Morgan Sindall, Galliford Try and United Living.

The business found it difficult to manage its entire job costing in manual spreadsheets, which in turn meant rekeying manual information into Sage Accounts. The business struggled to pull reports instantly, which led to delays in decision making and was unable to know how well they were performing on a project in real-time. Processes such as plant hire and retentions were also managed in spreadsheets and were very manual to manage. The main pain-point the business faced was not being able to track the actual performance of a project vs the budgeted figures from an estimate.

Colohan & Co decided to review solutions in the market and called in Easybuild to demo their respective solution, however, the business was concerned with the Easybuild solution not being Sage specific. The business also called in Causeway to review their estimating solution. Upon review of both the previously mentioned systems, P. Colohan & Co called in Eque2 to demonstrate its Construct for Sage 50 job costing software and EValuate estimating software.

Upon review of all the solutions P. Colohan had reviewed, the business ultimately decided to implement Construct for Sage 50 alongside EValuate estimating. Jack Fitzgerald, Quantity Surveyor at P. Colohan explained the reasons behind the business’s decision.

“P. Colohan & Co. Ltd decided to go with Eque2 because of the simple fact that it works alongside Sage 50 and Sage Payroll which our finance department currently use. This was the selling point for this piece of software as our finance team were reluctant to change from what they were used to. Also, from a commercial perspective, it will allow us to bring a project from tender stage right the way through to completion and subsequently chasing retention”.

Jack went on to mention “We found that using EValuate, Construct, alongside Sage 50 and Payroll seemed to work brilliantly together and it was a no-brainer that we should invest in these pieces of software. EValuate also seems to be much more advanced than the current software we are using for our take-offs and also allows the flexibility to pull the BoQ through to Construct once the jobs have been secured, allowing us to manage the costs better and provide true costings for each section of our live projects”.

Jack and the business recognise how Construct will help provide detailed project reporting at a touch of a button, as well as how they the business can better manage construction-specific job costing and billing including applications and certificates based on what was allowed for in the initial estimate created using EValuate. How the new systems will help the commercial team track and input variations on projects and enable the team to cost their own labour to projects via timesheet entries was also very important to the business.

Recognising that EValuate will help to speed up and improve the accuracy of all estimates but will also integrate into Construct job costing and Sage Accounts to provide one integrated platform from estimate to final account, was beneficial for the business.

Other features the business fully expects to utilise within the new systems include; being able to manage their internal and hired in plant better, being able to cost their own stock directly to a project and keep track of their own stock levels.

The business will also have a clearer picture of retentions owed to them and can now easily track the actual performance of the project vs the budgeted figures that they would have created in EValuate from the estimate. As part of that when they bring over an estimate they want to incorporate job ordering and order against what was allowed for in the estimate and achieve reporting of committed costs.

We would like to thank P. Colohan & Co. Ltd for selecting Construct for Sage 50 alongside EValuate estimating and look forward to supporting the business for many years to come.

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