EValuate Construction Estimating Software

EValuate estimating software is suitable for companies of all sizes, helping you to produce fast, accurate and consistent tenders.

Find out how EValuate can improve productivity by helping you to describe, measure and price Bills of Quantities with as little duplication of effort as possible.




Quickly and easily produce Bills of Quantites manually or populate with content from previous jobs, templates, your own libraries or Laxton’s Priced Libraries

Create and maintain templates to avoid replicating work

Import Bills of Quantities from Excel, price them up, then export back into the original Excel format with your rates populated



DIM sheets behind every measured item calculate quantities

Perform a fast accurate On-Screen Takeoff from all file types with enhanced CAD drawing and BIM model functionality

Live links between the DIM sheet and the Takeoff enable amendments and revisions to automatically update the bill



Build up nett rates from first principles, Laxton’s Priced Libraries, your own libraries or previous jobs

Amend resource rates for labour, plant and materials at the job level

Main contractors can issue enquiries, drawings & revisions to subcontractors, and can collate and analyse responses via an online subcontractor enquiry portal


“EValuate Estimating Software helps produce fast, accurate and consistent tenders as they are created using the same information across the team. In addition, the software provides historical cost data for all projects, which can then be used on future projects saving time and avoiding customer-specific islands of expertise.”

Kingerlee Ltd


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