EValuate Construction Estimating Software

EValuate estimating software is suitable for companies of all sizes, helping you to produce fast, accurate and consistent tenders which can ultimately help your business win more work.

EValuate has been designed to support contractors of all shapes and sizes, offering versions to support main contractors, subcontractors or freelancers, tailored to meet the needs or your business.

Explore our range of estimating packages relevant to your business

Main Contractor Edition

Suitable for main contractors of all sizes with an integrated sub-contractor enquiry portal to help you issue enquiries, drawings & revisions to subcontractors and analyse responses via an online portal.

Sub Contractor Edition

Suitable for sub-contractors of all sizes helping to respond to tenders on time by helping Describe, Measure and Price jobs with as little duplication of effort as possible.

Freelancer Edition

A single user version is available where modules can be added depending on the functionality required.


“EValuate Estimating Software helps produce fast, accurate and consistent tenders as they are created using the same information across the team. In addition, the software provides historical cost data for all projects, which can then be used on future projects saving time and avoiding customer-specific islands of expertise.”

Kingerlee Ltd


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