Evaluate estimating software

EValuate Construction Estimating Software

Produce fast, accurate and consistent tenders, budget cost plans and final accounts with pre- and post-contract construction estimating software.

Accuracy and consistency are critical to every successful bid strategy, and estimating software is the only way to ensure both – time after time.

EValuate construction estimating software is intuitive to understand, provides a modern user interface for multiple users, and helps produce accurate and consistent tenders, budget cost plans, valuations and final accounts. It has been designed to ensure that your resources are maximised and your margins maintained, and to allow provision of early cost advice to your clients.



Enjoy successful bidding as well as improved margins

Produce more accurate estimates using libraries or data stored from previous projects

Easily manage subcontractor tendering and comparison of bids

Quickly and easily takeoff from drawings using our 2D and 3D BIM Measurement module

Surveyors work with the same Bill of Quantities, without rekeying or compromising data quality

Create a consistent pre- and post-contract basis for reporting all projects

Integration with Eque2 ERP and contract accounting software


Produce accurate construction bids

Build more accurate estimates from first principles, via libraries or by using the Historic Cost Database to analyse costs, trends and variations in previously completed projects.

2D, 3D and BIM Measurement

Quick and accurate on-screen takeoff from drawings using 2D and 3D BIM measurements (formats include PDFs, IMG, DWG, DXF, DWF, 3DBIM, Revit, IFC). These can then be automatically linked back to the estimate to update quantities.

Speed up Cost Planning and Bill Production

Auto import Bills of Quantity re-using descriptions, dimensions from templates or previous projects. Or create your own Bill, measuring and pricing at an element, package or specified item level.

Project Enquiry Centre (optional module)

Easily manage subcontractor enquiries by issuing tenders electronically and comparing returned quotes through the calendar view and ‘at a glance’ traffic light system. The estimate is updated with preferred bid details while the Document Register allows storage and appropriate distribution of project information and drawings.

Online Enquiry Portal (optional module)

This Cloud-based portal (built on Microsoft Azure) can be accessed by you to see a summary view of all live tenders, and remotely by your subcontractors to review issued tenders, their bid status and relevant documents and drawings. With a single click, quotes can be imported directly back into EValuate.

Post-Contract (optional module)

This module inherits all pre-contract tender data, so provides software for surveyors to access complete tender information, facilitating the re-definition of projects into operational packages. It also supports preparation for financial statements and subcontract valuations.

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“[Eque2 construction estimating software] brings consistency, so we can use the same rates project after project, and know where it is on our server – it’s there held in one place. Having the projects there all ready to go… produces a huge time saving. The key thing for me is, with Excel I was having to work into the evenings and having to work weekends, that’s all gone since the turn of the year – using EValuate.”

Paul Clarke, HFN Landscapes

Featured Resource

Working in partnership with HFN Landscapes

HFN Landscapes deliver top quality landscape schemes in the UK. In this short video, Commercial Manager Paul Clarke talks about how they save a huge amount of time by taking advantage of the functionality their Construction for Sage 50 Accounts and EValuate software provides.


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