ServiceStream Maintenance & Service Management Software

ServiceStream is a maintenance & field service management software solution designed for contractors of all sizes either in the reactive building and property maintenance sector or those with a maintenance arm to their contracting business.

ServiceStream for Sage 50, fully integrates with Eque2’s Construct for Sage solution and Sage 50 Accounts and Payroll, so you can accurately bill clients for completed work and ensure engineers are paid as per the number of hours they have completed.



Call Logging & Scheduling

Details are logged for reactive maintenance jobs as they come into the Service Desk and automatically prioritised and queued, waiting to be scheduled with an available and suitable engineer. Jobs are then sent to the ServiceStream Mobile app for the engineer to accept the job.


Equipment Register & Service Planner

Automatically schedule planned service visits and ensure you know beforehand of what equipment will be needed on site. Each item contains details of what service needs to be carried out which is available to the engineer on-site.


Real-time Updates from Mobile Engineers

As the engineer receives the details of a job, directions, contacts and work to be carried out via the ServiceStream Mobile app, the status of the job gets automatically updated as it is accepted, declined, travelling, on-site, on hold, cancelled or complete.


Summary Job Cards

On completion of a job, a job card is issued detailing transactions for materials, labour and purchase orders outstanding. Photos are displayed as supporting evidence with an audit-trail of work complete to ensure you bill accurately.


Job Costing

By tracking the costs of materials and labour, you can see detailed views of each individual job and its relevant transactions to view where you are making and losing money on particular jobs.


Flexible Invoicing

Invoicing can be automated from the job sheet based on fixed prices, cost plus or a schedule of rates. Mark-ups can be applied and issued for single or multi-jobs, providing you with the ability to adjust invoice values to fully reflect the total cost of a job.

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Eque2 helps construction businesses advance their use of Sage

As a construction business grows, it is common for them to require functionality more advanced and specific to the sector than their existing Sage accounts software was originally designed to provide. At this point it is common for businesses to look at industry specific solutions like Eque2, to provide the advanced functionality they now require. […]

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Eque2 helps more construction firms control costs and eliminate manual processes

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