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House building is a very cyclical industry, often depending on a thriving economy. No matter the size of your housebuilding business, managing processes and information from one phase to the next can be complicated, disjointed and lead to inaccuracies. Read on to see how Eque2 industry-specific software can bring all aspects of the house build process together.

Eque2 Housebuilding suitable for…

Industry: House building | Business Size: Companies building 50 + units per annum



Opt for the complete suite or pick and choose from the Land, Build, Sales and Customer Care modules

Increase speed, efficiency and accuracy across any or every house building stage

Gain real-time profitability and performance feedback from your sites and business-wide

Quickly and easily assemble acquisition appraisals and catalogue your land bank opportunities

Quickly create accurate budgets and control project costs

Integrates with your website for easy on-site recording of sales enquiries, reservations and choices

Easily log , track and resolve post-sale problems, improving customer care and future referrals


Forecasting for land purchases

Build management

Integrate showhome software

After sales and customer care

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Cala Group is the UK’s most upmarket major home builder. Watch their IT Director, Andy Murray talk about how they use Eque2 Housebuilding software to streamline their business processes from land acquisition right through to customer care.

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Featured Resource

Eque2: Your software partner for life

No matter what size your business, you’ll find:

  • A choice of modular or integrated easy-to-use software that streamlines every stage of the construction or house building lifecycle.
  • Software that benefits from continuous unrivalled development and is supported by experts.

So whether it’s estimating, financials, post-contract or anything in between; Microsoft, Sage or a solution that our own experts have developed in conjunction with our customers, you’ll never need to look elsewhere.


Planning Permission Delays in House Building – Improving Visibility

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