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Eque2 Housebuilding Software

Gain a competitive advantage with house building software to increase speed, efficiency and accuracy at every stage; from land-purchase through build and sales to customer care..

As Help-to-Buy drives the UK’s housing sector forward after years of stagnation, house builders eager to build market share are using our house building software to gain a competitive advantage. This building construction software package, powered by SiteStream, increases speed, efficiency and accuracy at every stage of the process; from site acquisition and land-bank development, right through the build phase and then beyond the sales phase into customer care. Customers praise our house building software for being flexible, user-friendly and robust. Our house building software has also been designed to offer dynamic and real-time links to house builders’ sites meaning their sales database is always up-to-date, removing the potential for frustration and uncertainty.


Opt for the complete suite or pick and choose from the Land, Build, Sales and Customer Care modules

Increase speed, efficiency and accuracy across any or every house building stage

Gain real-time profitability and performance feedback from your sites and business-wide

Quickly and easily assemble acquisition appraisals and catalogue your land bank opportunities

Quickly create accurate budgets and control project costs

Integrates with your website for easy on-site recording of sales enquiries, reservations and choices

Easily log , track and resolve post-sale problems, improving customer care and future referrals


Forecasting for Land Purchases

Quickly and easily assemble acquisition appraisals and catalogue your land bank opportunities.

Build Management

Avoid cost over-runs with in-depth project budgeting and use variance analysis to provide early warning.

Integrate Showhome Software

Prevent duplication by letting sales staff input enquiries, reservations and options on-site.

Aftersales and Customer Care

Respond quickly to customer problems and queries from logging to tracking and resolution.

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Manage your full house building process with Eque2 Housebuilding software

Eque2 Housebuilding brings all aspects of the house build process into a seamless integrated solution.
Choose the complete suite or build by module with our Land, Build, Sales and Customer Care modules to drive efficiency, accuracy and profitability into your business.


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