Effective construction document management is essential for collaborative and efficient construction teams.

Construction document management as a modern solution

Construction companies need to move away from filing important documents in multiple places and in physical formats. They should start converting documents into digital formats, before storing them in a central, secure repository. It’s essential that contract and tender documents can be accessed quickly, facilitating the early capture of potential difficulties throughout projects.

Poor management of documents

US survey of more than 100 senior industry executives, in firms of all sizes, generated concerning findings:

  • Three-in-four blamed up to a third of project cost over-runs on ‘difficulties’ with documents
  • One-in-three said accessing the latest version of documents was a real challenge

One-in-four admitted inaccurate project paperwork contributed to delays in construction

Construction companies, particularly SMEs, need to be aware of the consequences of delays caused by their staff trying to locate documents, determine their accuracy, or not having the right documents. Missing documents such as subcontractor certifications and health and safety policies can cause delays and even prevent projects from going any further.

Construction document management can help companies to keep track of payments, invoices, communications with suppliers and vendors, HMRC issues and health and safety documentation.

Utilising the right tools for improvement

While keeping all documents in a secure, central, repository is essential for making improvements, you must ensure that your team can collaborate on them. Construction document management becomes easier when all documents are kept up-to-date and knowledge is shared across your business.

Controlling data and documents swiftly and facilitating collaboration is central to the success efficiency of a construction company. Companies seeking to boost their efficiencies should be installing a construction document management system, or making sure its present one remains fit-for-purpose.


  • Assess where your documents are being lost and how you can improve access to them
  • Create a central repository where all documents can be kept Enable your team to collaborate on those documents
  • Enable your team to collaborate on those documents

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