The economic turbulence of recent years has been a major wake-up call for the construction sector in the UK. After the biggest recession in a generation there has been a general recovery, but if anyone thought that the road ahead would be a smooth one, Brexit changed all that, but as yet nobody knows exactly how.

It is in the context of this uncertainty that we have produced a new eGuide referencing the recent Construction Leadership Council report, which we featured back in November titled, ‘Modernise or Die’. It produced some stark warnings about the need for companies to reorganise themselves from top to bottom to make sure they are fit for the challenges ahead, not least in a post-Brexit world.

A key theme is the need to think and plan rigorously, which means not simply making a few changes to how work is carried out on site, but finding ways throughout an organisation to be swifter, more efficient, to communicate and manage matters better, to budget in a smarter way and deal more smoothly with subcontractors. All this means workloads can be handled more easily, cash flow will be less problematic and working relationships improved.

However, none of this happens by itself. It is by using modern technology, such as the latest construction management software that such goals can be achieved. Our new eGuide ‘Modernise or Die: 5 Construction Tools to Make Your Back Office Fit for the 21st Century’ features a number of software solutions that can save time and effort, track data more easily and enable staff to quickly access important information.

Download this eGuide to discover how you can improve and streamline your back office processes by:

  • Electronically exchanging documents with your supply chain
  • Improving visibility and control of your subcontractor applications and payments
  • Automating your credit control processes
  • Modernising the way you estimate and tender for jobs
  • Gaining a single version of the truth in a modern cloud ERP system

It is through construction software packages such as the ones we have outlined that companies can become more efficient, save money and gain a good reputation as reliable, forward-looking firms who are good to do business with.

By doing all this, a company can give itself a great platform to move into an uncertain future better equipped to cope and thrive than its competitors.

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