Enterprise resource planning (ERP) has been transforming the tech strategy of nearly every industry in recent years but, as our previous blogs have acknowledged, the construction industry is yet to make the most of the tech revolution.

A recent survey of over 300 global organisations found that construction companies will be more likely (84%) to sell 100% of their inventory online in the future, more than in any other sector (72% average); clearly the future is digital. So what concrete benefits does your company stand to gain by implementing construction ERP software today?


Without accurate planning, it’s impossible to effectively run a construction project. Creating and sticking to a solid plan is crucial to delivering projects on time and within budget, from estimating the amount of materials required and costs to the length of time to hire plant.

Detailed plans can be formulated using many different kinds of software on the market, rekeying data as and when changes occur, but such systems can fraught with issues as outdated and/or disparate cause confusion across departments and human error leads to costly mistakes.

With ERP software such as EVision from Eque2, many planning and estimating processes can be automated, meaning less time spent on admin and a greater level of accuracy as updates are automatically logged and tracked universally, keeping every department up to date. Plus, costs can be tracked in real time to ensure spending doesn’t outstrip the budget.


When data is centralised, streamlined in one place and accessible to all, life is easier for everyone involved in a construction project. Information is always current and correct, data isn’t duplicated and no one has to waste time hunting for misplaced files – regardless of whether they’re on site or in the office.

Detailed analytics and reporting, included with most good ERP software, uses historical data to inform future decisions and plan ahead to avoid potential pitfalls. Many systems are tailored to your business, meaning there are no ‘deadweight’ features holding you back.


Eque2’s construction ERP software, EVision, is a powerful tool that allows you to automate and streamline business processes throughout the full construction and contracting lifecycle.

EVision gives you full visibility and control of your commercial, financial and operational processes, as well as your data. All this is detailed before your eyes in real time, so you can make better-informed decisions and react to changes as they happen, wherever you are, on any device.