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An Early Budget: Prepare for the Future with Construction Management Software

This year’s Autumn Budget was released earlier than usual due to Brexit negotiations and is set to have a significant impact on the construction industry. Overall, the UK’s final Budget as an EU member promises greater investment in the construction industry, bringing welcome news to many companies involved either in minor works or major development […]

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An Annual £2.8bn Write-Off: How Construction Accounting Software Can Protect You from Bad Debts

An industry report has found that an astonishing £2.8bn in bad debts are written off each year by subcontractors due to non-payment – we look at how construction accounting software could help. The study, conducted by Bibby Financial Services and The Vinden Partnership, surveyed 250 UK contractors across a variety of trades to answer questions […]

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Gain a single version of the truth with EVision

Here at Eque2, we’re always looking for ways to make life easier for construction companies; that’s why we make software that streamlines and speeds up every aspect of the construction process, and now we offer resources to make running your business even easier – and more profitable. The first resource in this new series from […]

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Is the UK construction industry’s skills shortage costing you money?

We’ve talked about the skills shortage affecting the UK construction industry previously on the Eque2 blog, but with 60% of construction SMEs struggling to hire bricklayers and 58% having trouble finding carpenters and joiners, the shortage is showing no sign of abating. According to statistics from the Federation of Master Builders’ State of Trade Survey […]

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Improve cash flow management with Construction Management Software

Any project big or small needs to be effectively managed so that everything runs smoothly. When it comes to cash flow, it’s even more important that finances don’t go awry to ensure a project stays on track and is completed on time. UK Construction Online recently reported Hudson Weir’s top tips for controlling cash flow […]

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Save money, combat uncertainty – wherever the industry goes

With industry forecasts and the political and financial climate continuing to be unpredictable, many construction companies are preparing themselves for an economic downturn. A recent Construction Products Association trade survey of main contractors, SME builders, civil engineering contractors and specialist contractors found that while all reported sales, output and workload increases, many feel pessimistic about […]

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How can software help tackle the skills shortage?

The skills shortage facing the construction industry is well known. Rebecca Thompson FCIOB, President of the Chartered Institute of Building, argued that to attract young people into the sector the industry needs an inclusive mindset and ‘make the work environment more conducive to people doing a good job’. In other words, modernising and streamlining processes, […]

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Addressing the rising costs faced by construction SMEs

New research from the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) highlights the impact recent price rises are having on smaller building firms, citing sharp increase in building material costs and skills shortages as key factors. Materials such as timber, brick and insulation were identified as the most affected by price rises, as well as concrete and […]

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Keep customers happy with communication

The key to keeping customers happy? Communication Keeping your clients and customers happy is key to the successful running of any business, but for construction companies it’s crucial to ensure that miscommunication, silos of data and poor project management don’t harm the satisfaction of your customers. With that in mind, we’ve put together some tips […]

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Workload growth slows as Brexit delays investment

According to the UK RICS Construction and Infrastructure Market Survey for Q2 2017, workloads have slowed across all construction industry sectors, with Brexit identified as the main cause of delayed investment. Respondents reported that ongoing uncertainty regarding Brexit, combined with political turmoil as a result of the recent general election and hung parliament result, is […]

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