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Confidence grows in construction industry

The latest State of Trade Survey by the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) reveals that confidence continues to grow in the construction industry. The research shows that construction SMEs are optimistic about their workloads, employment levels, and enquiries, with 50% of businesses surveyed expecting higher levels of work in the next three months. In Q1 […]

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Great ways to retain staff using construction management software

Staff retention is a big issue in a labour market where skills are often short, but the answer does not lie just in last-ditch attempts to dissuade employees from leaving. In this article, we explore the impact of construction management software on staff retention in the construction industry. While the last few years have brought […]

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Keeping costs under control

Costs are rising in the construction industry, but here we explore how investing in the right construction accounting software can help you take control. The UK construction sector has been expanding in recent months, but the issue of rising costs remains as a negative threat to companies who fail to take the right action. The […]

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Keeping calm and carrying on despite a hard Brexit?

Recent research by Eque2 which explored the biggest concerns amongst senior finance professionals at construction firms showed that Brexit is surprisingly low on the list. It is not that nobody is giving it any thought, but with only nine per cent raising it, it seems that, at the very least, the prospect of Britain leaving […]

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New eGuide: 5 construction tools for making your back office fit for the future

The economic turbulence of recent years has been a major wake-up call for the construction sector in the UK. After the biggest recession in a generation there has been a general recovery, but if anyone thought that the road ahead would be a smooth one, Brexit changed all that, but as yet nobody knows exactly […]

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Brexit turns on the infrastructure investment tap

Brexit may mean Brexit, but it also means the government investing more in infrastructure. Six months on from the historic referendum in which Britons voted to leave the European Union, many are none the wiser about the consequences. While the government has given a deadline of when it will invoke Article 50 – court cases […]

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Making your back office fit for Britain’s construction challenges

The publication of the Construction Leadership Council’s ‘Modernise or Die’ report this year highlighted a range of areas in which the sector needs to adapt to the future if it is to remain fit for purpose. Given the lingering effects of the economic crisis and the uncertainties of Brexit, it would be unwise for any […]

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The knock-on effects of Brexit in the Construction Industry

The Brexit vote has caused plenty of uncertainty for the construction sector, but it has also opened up some potential opportunities. The referendum outcome in June has left plenty of uncertainty for businesses around the country, including those in the construction industry. Concern has centred on how Brexit could impact on activity, and whether the […]

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7 Top Tips for Online Reputation Management in the Construction Industry

Online reputation management is all about joining the conversation, and within the construction industry there are conversations you may be missing. It’s worth asking yourself whether you are effectively engaging with the people who could, right now, be talking about your company or the issues close to its heart. There are risks, of course, involved […]

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Construction Costs of Building Projects – Top 7 Predictions

While the construction sector managed to pull itself out of the nosedive triggered by the credit crunch of 2008 onwards, its recovery ended on a sour note at the end of 2015, with industry growth slowing in early 2016. Perhaps now is the best time to take stock of what this year could bring and […]

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Controlling Risks Throughout the Construction Supply Chain

Recent highlights from our blog examine the critical issue of risk management in the construction industry.

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Financial Planning Around the Planning Permission Process

Despite Government attempts to streamline the planning process, uncertainties around permission timescales remain, making financial management in construction more challenging.

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