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Is the UK construction industry’s skills shortage costing you money?

We’ve talked about the skills shortage affecting the UK construction industry previously on the Eque2 blog, but with 60% of construction SMEs struggling to hire bricklayers and 58% having trouble finding carpenters and joiners, the shortage is showing no sign of abating. According to statistics from the Federation of Master Builders’ State of Trade Survey […]

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Top 7 Latest Building Materials Boosting UK Construction

Could these seven latest building materials help solve the construction industry’s problems?

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Construction Costs of Building Projects – Top 7 Predictions

While the construction sector managed to pull itself out of the nosedive triggered by the credit crunch of 2008 onwards, its recovery ended on a sour note at the end of 2015, with industry growth slowing in early 2016. Perhaps now is the best time to take stock of what this year could bring and […]

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How to Achieve Accurate Cost Planning and Forecasting in the Contracting Industry

Discover why your company?s data is essential for your construction cost planning and financial management.

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Mitigating non-payment in the construction and contracting industry: The effect of payment disputes

Accuracy and efficiency will help to reduce the amount of payment disputes occurring within the construction industry.

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Effectively manage subcontractors cost increases

With their services costing more than than ever before, keeping a grip on your subcontractor costs is vital.

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How to get your construction retention back – without a fuss

Getting your retentions payments can sometimes mean the difference between profit and failure. Use our checklist to make sure you’re doing all you can to get them back quickly.

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Managing subcontractors in construction: Balancing Cost and Quality

Discover how to effectively manage subcontractors in construction to get the best results.

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Construction tender price rises: What does this mean for the industry?

Tender prices are going up – here’s how your small-medium business can remain competitive in an unfriendly market.

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Using construction management software to retain staff and improve knowledge

Discover how construction management software can help retain staff and offer protection from the knowledge gap issues facing the construction industry.

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Construction cost management gaining full visibility of your financial data

Discover how you can gain total visibility of the data in your business to improve your construction cost management

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Learn the lesson from these construction cost control nightmares

Construction cost estimating used to be an art, but now it’s a science. Avoid cost control nightmares by using specialist software.

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