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Late Payment in the Construction Industry – Are we any Closer to 30 Day Payments?

Companies suffering from late payment in the construction industry need to seize the initiative for themselves

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Financial Planning Around the Planning Permission Process

Despite Government attempts to streamline the planning process, uncertainties around permission timescales remain, making financial management in construction more challenging.

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How to Achieve Accurate Cost Planning and Forecasting in the Contracting Industry

Discover why your company?s data is essential for your construction cost planning and financial management.

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Avoiding ‘Bad Debt’ Through the Construction Supply Chain

Improving financial management in construction supply chains can mitigate the considerable risks of bad debts. What is the impact of measures such as the Construction Supply Chain Charter?

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Accurately Report Financial Governance to Your Construction Company’s Bank

Construction management requires many skills, but making sure your finance provider has all the data they require trumps them all.

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How to get your construction retention back – without a fuss

Getting your retentions payments can sometimes mean the difference between profit and failure. Use our checklist to make sure you’re doing all you can to get them back quickly.

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Construction tender price rises: What does this mean for the industry?

Tender prices are going up – here’s how your small-medium business can remain competitive in an unfriendly market.

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3 Changes you should make to your construction forecasting

The construction industry is rocketing out of the recession – but what lies ahead? Find out what three changes you need to make to your construction forecasting.

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How construction companies can keep HMRC happy

Complying with changing tax regulations regarding subcontractors can be tricky – but successful construction companies are using software to take the strain.

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How Changes in the Construction Industry Will Affect Your Business in 2015

Ensure your business is staying ahead of the game as the UK construction industry reports its strongest level of activity in a long time.

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Can You Afford Not to Use Construction Software?

Construction software can produce significant cost savings for firms stuck with traditional models of project management.

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Two Become One: Streamline Your Finances Post-Merger

Keep your finances on track post-merger with construction finance software.

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