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Keep your margins on track alongside Sage

Keep your margins on track alongside Sage. With economic uncertainty driving up tender prices throughout 2018, it’s more important than ever for subcontractors to closely monitor margins on every job, so that they can easily track costs and identify when a project is likely to go over budget to avoid unexpected expenditure. Here we look […]

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Late payments hold back the industry: WebContractor from Open ECX can help

Late payments are having a crippling effect on small- to medium-size construction businesses crucial to the sector’s future. According to the National Federation of Builders (NFB), public sector clients, even including central government, simply do not pay on time. This leaves regional contractors and SMEs, often subcontracted via larger construction companies, facing retention payments of […]

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Avoiding Disputes – Monitoring Subcontractor Performance

A guide to monitoring subcontractor performance and avoiding problems that can easily crop up.

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Managing the financial risks of unreliable subcontractors

It takes time to make sure every aspect of each subcontractor agreement is accurate, but it’s not something any construction company can afford to miss.

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Effectively manage subcontractors cost increases

With their services costing more than than ever before, keeping a grip on your subcontractor costs is vital.

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Managing subcontractors in construction: Balancing Cost and Quality

Discover how to effectively manage subcontractors in construction to get the best results.

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The effect of subcontractor legislation: Don’t get caught out

Payment guidelines and subcontractor legislations have recently changed, find out how you can be fully compliant and avoid any risky situations.

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